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I'm Patrick Cahill, a global communications professional based in New York City. 

With 20 years in business strategy and advertising across four continents, I've learned how to build the culture, the teams and the relationships that make impactful things happen. My resume below has more detail on my experience.

View my resume here.

Here’s a few things I've
been a part of. 

I've been lucky to partner with hugely talented people to make things that build success and find their way into culture. Work ranging from anthemic integrated advertising campaigns, events and experience design, websites, digital and social content and just about every other form of communication there is. Here's a selection of case studies and film spots from over the years.

I work on various projects through my consultancy.

CAHILL&PARTNERS came about in 2017 so I could partner with different people and different organisations to solve different types of problems. Kind of a side project of side projects, from business strategy, brand planning, writing and everything in between. Find out more below.

Visit CAHILL&PARTNERS website here.

I'd love to hear from you.

Email me at patrick@cahill.partners or hit me up on LinkedIn below.