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I'm Patrick Cahill, a global communications professional based in New York City. 

A leader and organizer of creative thinking with 20 years experience across four continents. I’m also a believer that things can always be better.

> V I E W R E S U M E

Here’s a few things I've been a part of. 

I love big strategic thinking and figuring out problems, but the hardest and most rewarding thing is making things the world will love. I've been lucky to partner with hugely talented people to make work that builds success and finds its way into the real world.

I work on various projects through my consultancy.

Cahill&Partners began in 2017 so I could partner with different people and organisations to solve different challenges. A side project of side projects.

> V I S I T C A H I L L & P A R T N E R S

Get in touch.

I’d love to hear from you. Drop me a line or hit me up on LinkedIn.

> E M A I L: P A T R I C K @ C A H I L L . P A R T N E R S